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    Child Tracker Alert Formal: it is made of black plastic and has a GPS module. It is simple and humble. Functional: it is used for tracking children by parents. Ethical: adults and children can use it together. Size: 2” x 2.5” x 3/4”. Cost: about $300. It may not be affordable for various income levels.

    Lung Ashtray Formal: it is made of transparent plastic and aluminum. It looks like human organ, lung which has very close connection with smoking. Functional: It is an ashtray that shows how harmful smoking is to people. Ethical: Not only smoker use, but also non-smoker get warning. It is a kind of campaign product. Cost: I do not know about the cost.

    Window Alarm Formal: simple and clean shape alert product. Functional: It gives awareness to people when windows open. Ethical: it is simple to set up and use for varies age users. Cost: $7.99. It is affordable.

    Amber Stick Formal: it is made of plastic and looks like general USB flash drive. Has rounded edges and has heart on the back of the chair Functional: People can access database about missing children, look for their children or add their missing children’s name in it. Ethical: It is for families who have missing children or people. Cost: $49.95 Size: size of 2 quarters side by side.

    Child ID wristband Formal: it is made of fabric and looks like kids’ watch or wristband and has variety colors. It can be a fashionable product. Functional: IT contains children’s information such as children’s name, address, and home phone number. It gives very important information when children get lost. Cost: $9.45

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