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    A. Senso It is a three part product concept that on the one hand deals with the communication world of dementia patients and on the other hand goes into the individual needs of persons without dementia. Because they both have forgetting issue.

    B. The Souffleur It measures vital functions and serves as telephone receiver and as hearing aid. In case of memory difficulties, it whispers the correct answer in the user's ear.

    C. EMO pillow The senso concept designed for an early to a moderately severe stage of dementia. Senso makes it possible for the sufferer to remember names of people again or to find the familiar way back home again. It will help dementia sufferers to retain their independence as long as possible and will calm situations in which the patient feels helpless and lost.

    D. Hug Salt and Pepper shakes It's functional and charming, the two identically-formed porcelain characters appear to affectionately embrace.

    E. Apple Iphone iPhone has a widescreen, small, and convenient in a way that could work with many different features like internet, video, audio, phone.

    I think all these fives are good products and wants to explore it more because first threes are specifically designed for people with dementia. Those have distinct features that suits well in the area of the needs in conceptually. But for example, EMO pillow, I wasnt sure about how it could actually help people with dementia to retain their independence but the idea and the purpose of calming people with dementia from helpless and lost is really brilliant idea. This Hug salt and pepper shaker displays the idea of love, caring which I think is most needed for patients. Also, I chose iPhone because it consists of the big screen, When people reach certain age, they can't really see small fonts, or anything. But with this kind of having big screen kind of gives a opportunities for them to see better compared to other electronic devices.

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