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    The ONE Campain http://www.one.org/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ONENewYork/ As ONE, they are raising public awareness about the issues of global poverty, hunger, disease and efforts to fight such problems in the world's poorest countries. My tesis is about Water Crisis in a poor place in India where exist a lot of disease and different problems because of this. I think they will be interest in my idea because their mission is help poor people around the world.

    Water 1st International http://water1st.org/index.html Washington. Water 1st’s mission is to serve families in the poorest communities in the world as they implement community-managed projects that integrate water supply, sanitation, and health education.

    Because my tesis is about Water Crisis this is the perfect organization to help me with my issue because they work on water problems in differents poor places and one of them is India.

    Water AID America http://www.wateraid.org/usa/whatwe_do/howwe_work/default.asp?gclid=CIO286yegJYCFQVxFQodARryFQ WaterAid and its partners work with individuals and families in their communities and use a mixture of low-cost technologies to deliver lasting water, sanitation and hygiene solutions.

    This Organization also work in water crisis and also they are interesting in low -cost technologies, sanitation and hygiene solution and my idea is try to find a way where they car purify their own water with lo cost tecnology.

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