Well-being, Industrial Design

    Kiwanja.net "Since 2003, kiwanja.net has been helping empower local, national and international non-profit organisations to make better use of information and communications technology in their work. Specialising in the application of mobile technology, it provides a wide range of ICT-related services drawing on over 22 years experience of its founder, Ken Banks. Non-profits in over forty countries have so far benefited from a range of kiwanja initiatives, including FrontlineSMS and nGOmobile" This NPO has a clear intersection with my interests in networking, technology and information exchange. It is also interesting that this NPO seeks to empower other NPO's

    Catapult Design "Technology can empower and liberate. A single, effective product has more potential for worldwide impact – by providing clean water, food, shelter, or income – than any other existing development approach. Through the introduction of inexpensive and simple yet life-altering products the lives of more than 2 billion poverty-stricken people around the globe can be dramatically improved.

    OUR MISSION: To sustainably improve the lives of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged through the development and implementation of contextually appropriate products. "

    Once again this is a NPO that is involved in bringing technology to developing areas which is what I want to focus on.

    Network for Good "Network for Good is the Internet's leading charitable resource, bringing together donors, volunteers and charities online to accomplish good." A slight diversion from my other interests in the technological side of networking, this brings into play the creation of virtual networks that can just as effectively generate positive results.

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