• Mapping Desing Criteria

    Arts & Culture


    Go Ped Formal: it is made of red chromyl frame and has a wooden panel. It is chunky and simple.
    Functional: it is used for cruising or transportation Ethical: adults and children can use it together. Cost: $159.04 It is more expensive than other kick scooters in the market. It may not be affordable to many children. Because of its heaviness it will cost a lot for shipping

    Clocky Alarm Clock Formal: it has chunkiness in shapes and looks like it has a face. Functional: it is an alarm clock that runs away until they are turned off Cost: $60 it maybe affordable for anyone but generally people would not spend $60 for alarm clock when they use cell phone for alarm

    Eclipse Lamp Formal: simple and clean design with black frame and white adjustable shade. Functional: for lighting and decoration Ethical: it is simple to assemble which allows varies age of users to use. And shipping will not be expensive since it could be flatpacked. Cost: $110 It may not be affordable for various income levels.

    *Charles and Ray Eames Childrens Chair - Stool * Formal: it is made of wood. Has rounded edges and has heart on the back of the chair Functional: it is a stool designed for children Ethical: it is fixed in shapes and the weight of the wood will cost a lot and use a lot of fuels for shipping.

    Fisher- Price Smart Cycle Formal: it is made of plastic and looks like general tricycles. Has blue and green color which is generally used for boys Functional: it educated children through games and supposed to make children exercise Ethical: Fisher-Price says that they reduces child-obesity but is it really? Or is it designed for lazy parents? Cost: $100 this is not an affordable toy for various income levels. Also, it may cost a lot for shipping

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