• How safe and correct use of electric faucet

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    Electric Taps Sale products are not unfamiliar to many people , but its range is not wide use and popularity . Electric faucet security issues , I believe the problem is that many of my friends are concerned , consumers in the purchase of electric faucet will be considered when the faucet will not leak , there are no safety problems . In fact, many products are electric faucet prevent leakage have a better security.

    Step specific use

    First, the use of electric faucet

    1, for the newly installed electric LED Taps when first used , we'd use a toothbrush to clean the pipe again, and then tighten the taps to the maximum . The use of dirty water pressure pipes coming out of the pipe . This will not only ensure clean , but also to avoid being blocked by two electric faucet , electric faucet installed after the good , now to position the handle cold water , and then the total valve opens , you see the water from the hot water coming out the other side come after plugged in later use, do not need to unplug the power cord , and do not wash .

    Second, electric faucet installation

    1 , electric Bathroom Accessory can not wipe with a wet towel , but to use cotton cloth. 2, can not be cleaned with acid and alkaline substances. Because electric faucet coated paint , and acid substances react chemically with the particular . 3 , Do not wipe the faucet with burr items electric towel to scrub the surface with a burr electric faucet , and will leave lint , causing the appearance of unsightly, and hair will break down after rotting electric Kitchen Taps corrosive chemicals .

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