• Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Basic Informations

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    Cable tray roll forming machine is equipped with flat, four roller frame, can be on the side of the slab processing, guarantee the transverse dimension precision, and prevent the rolled piece transverse bending. After roughing and finishing of the deformed strip by flying camber to end and times or scale. Cable tray forming unit is composed of several single drive rack, profiled strip of successive bending into profiles. After cable tray roll forming machine processing molding of rolled piece by feed rolls along the conveying groove to rapid straightening machine. Transportation tank is equipped with water cooling device, cooling speed, can adjust the heat treatment on the finished product. After straightening product thin-wall steel by sawing arc length cutting, after cutting the gathering table to check machine check grading.

    So what is cable tray roll forming machine?

    Main features of cable tray roll forming machine:

    (1) Cable tray roll forming machine has both advantages of cold bending process, silent metal roll forming machine process is difficult to production, and can make up for the weaknesses of cold bending process, production of the thickness of section steel and minimal radius of curvature Angle steel varieties.

    (2) The cable tray roll forming machine production of hot bending steel light self-weight, large bearing strength, than cold bending further metal saving from 7% to 9% of similar products.

    (3) The cable tray machine combination of hot rolling hot bending forming process using waste heat to continuous roller bend forming does not increase energy consumption.

    (4) The cable tray roll forming machine of molding thermoplastic conditions various mechanical properties of uniform cross section, no cold hardening flaw.

    (5) Cable tray roll forming machine can expanding the scope of the material, variety, processing low plasticity and high strength material and thermal reinforcement material.

    At present, the Ukraine, the United States and Japan the world's leading in terms of roll forming equipment application. Ukraine thin-walled metal research institute completed a series of roll forming equipment production economic profiles of theory and experiment research, produce some simple section profiles, such as Angle channel steel and edge channel steel. Cable tray roll forming machine for the production angle has carried on the experimental study and theoretical analysis, has not been applied in production.

    The silent profile cable tray roll forming machine manufacture different thickness of hot bending forming research is still in the blank in the world scope, in recent years has carried out using the method of computer numerical simulation of metal forming process of the deformation and mechanical properties of work, but uneven deformation during molding, metal flow in complicated cases, thus forming process analysis is difficult.

    To sum up, some for the production of hot bending simple section steel cable tray roll forming machine has preliminary perfect; the work of general theory research is still valuable. Cable tray roll forming machine with heating roller forming technology on the whole is in the stage of experiment research and trial production. Numerous small and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises in our country, the long-term backward process equipment, product aging, poor state, be badly in need of upgrades. Reforming the old unit, we put continuous unit and cable tray roll forming machine, development and production of hot bending steel, is the enterprise can consider one direction. http://www.broswright.com/

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