• Intersection- are we really saving the planet?



    This rug was designed by the Dutch duo Tejo Remy and Rene VeenHuizen. It is made from old blankets that have been cut into strips, rolled and sewn flat. These flattened rolls have then been compactly glued together to create a rug. The design of this rug is extremely successful in upcycling a product that is being discarded, and that will probably end up in a landfill. It uses the waste material (the blankets) very efficiently; because the rug is fairly large, and the flattened rolls are small, many are needed to create the rug, therefore maximizing the amount of each blanket that is needed. Also, the randomness of the colors and patterns that is created by mixing strips from different blankets, adds to the beauty of this simple product. However, although very attractive, I feel that the making of this rug is extremely labor intensive. The illustration to the left represents the manufacturing process, which requires a number of steps to make the rug. If this rug is a limited edition series, perhaps the cumbersome manufacturing process would make sense, but it would be very expensive and energy consuming to mass produce this product... This brings up the question often asked about how good is the good we are trying to do in order to preserve our planet and resources...? Are we actually making a difference or just slowing down the deteriorating process...?

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