• Earthquake issue & mapping design

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Earthquake safety table Shape:The table is geometric shape and it has two geometric escape holes. Materials:The material of safety table is steel with red color. Scale: the scale is 28 ¾” x 31 ½” x 47 ¼”. Funtion:The safety table provides emergency use, in order to protect people in dangerous situation.When earthquake happen, many articles fall down on a floor. People can hire themselves under the table. Under the table includes emergency tools which are medical, and food and medication and helmet. The function of two holes is for escape when people need to get away form the table. Ethical: Safety table has strong concept to appropriate with earthquake issue. It can use in our everyday life, and the table also can be used in emergency. Cost: I don’t know how much it will cost. According my manufacture experience, the table is cost aroud150 dollars .

    Undercover table Shape: geometric shape and organic shape. Materials: polycarbonate, steel, vinyl, and nylon. Colors: silver, orange, yellow, and translucent color. Scale: 29”x30”x 6” Function: the undercover table provides safe space which is under table for emergency use. The table includes tent that can provide safety and comfortable space. Ethical: the design concept improves table function which can be use in two way. First, it can be used in everyday life. second, it can be used in emergency. Cost: I don’t know how much it will cost. In my personal idea that I think it costs 130 dollars.

    Frank gehry Wiggle side chair Shape: organic shape Materials: Corrugated cardboard, edges made of hardboard, natural or lacquered Colors: brown Scale: 24"D x 13.75"W x 34.25"H Function: recycle material which is cardboard placed at an angle provides simple durability chair. The organic forms and layers create strong structure to support human weight. Ethical: using renewable material to provide human needs and it also to reduce damage environment. This strong and deep design concept is perfect example. Cost. 920 dollars

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