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    American Red Cross in Greater New York Address: 520 West 49th Street New York, NY 10019 The American Red Cross in Greater New York is a humanitarian organization, led by volunteers, that provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. It accomplishes this mission through services that are consistent with its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross movement.

    OCHA Natural Disasters - Role of the New York Headquarters

    OCHA is led by the New York-based Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, who also serves as the Emergency Relief Coordinator (USG/ERC). The USG/ERC is the principal adviser to the Secretary-General on humanitarian affairs. As such, he acts as a facilitator and catalyst for action between the humanitarian community and intergovernmental organs of the UN as well as the political, security, developmental and human rights elements of the UN system.

    In an onset of a natural disaster, the USG/ERC:  serves as the primary interface between the larger humanitarian community and the principal organs of the UN, such as the Security Council, the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in helping advance humanitarian concerns and giving a voice to the victims of disasters and emergencies;  Plays a key role in liaising with the other Secretariat departments and the funds, programmes and specialized agencies of the UN system on issues of common concern, such as security, political issues, human rights and development, in order to ensure that humanitarian needs are being met effectively and in a coordinated and sustainable manner. UNICEF Doing whatever it takes to save a child The U.S. Fund for UNICEF was founded in 1947 to support the work of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) by raising funds for its programs and increasing awareness of the challenges facing the world's children. The oldest of 37 national committees for UNICEF worldwide, we are part of a global effort to save, protect and improve children's lives. Operating in more than 150 countries, UNICEF has a proven track record and the know-how and resources to get the job done. With its on-the-ground staff and one of the largest supply networks in the world, UNICEF is there with far-reaching programs that help children survive and thrive. And because of its ongoing global presence, UNICEF is always one of the first on the scene in a crisis, providing rapid emergency assistance in the critical early hours that can mean the difference between life and death for survivors. .

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