• Bibliography

    Environment, Environmental Design

    1.Barrionuevo, Alexei. "Honeybees, Gone With the Wind, Leave Crops and Keepers in Peril." The New York Times 27 Feb. 2007: 1.

    This article introduces the problem of bee disappearing which now researchers call “colony collapse disorder”. Because of importance of bees in agriculture, this problem has direct effect to human beings. The reason of disappearance is still mysterious, thus the article suggests some possibilities of cause, which are stresses, or mites. This article is helpful to me because it provides me facts of the main problem.

    2.Horn, Tammy. Bees in America : How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation. New York: University P of Kentucky, 2005.

    I thought it is important to know history of bees in America because one of the most affected country on this issue is the United States.

    3.Revkin, Andrew C. "Bees Dying: Is it Crisis Or a Phase?" The New York Times 17 July 2007: 3.

    This article questions this whole phenomenon of “bee disappearing” is a real threat to our nation or just a phase that will disappear. I thought that this article relates to most of our behavior about this problem but even in this article admits large declination in hive populations during past few years.

    4.Watanabe, Myrna E. "Colony Collapse Disorder: Many Suspects, No Smoking gun." Bioscience 58 (2008): 384-88.

    This article is the most recent journal I found on this issue, thus I thought it has reliable facts about colony collapse disorder.

    5.Wilson, Bee. The Hive: The story of the Honeybee and Us. New York: John Murray, 2004.

    This book is about a natural history study of the relationship between bees and humans. I think the reason we are having natural disaster is because we don’t realize the very close relationship between nature and us. This book is particularly about bees and human relationship that it will help me to realize the losses in human world, if we lose our bees.

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