• 3 Not-For-Profits

    Environment, Industrial Design


    +Green Apple Map is the pioneer organization in creating maps to help sustain the environment. Their map is the inspiration for GreenMaps, which connects "green" projects in 50 countries. Green Apple Map helps spread the ideas of sustainability and preserving the environment by putting them on a visual map. Citizens who are interested can use the map to see projects they can attend or support, +really being involved with the problems of their neighborhood that affects their community. The Map would be an NFP suitable to contact for a project related to decreasing use of energy and increasing the use of alternative, "green" energy supply alternatives.

    +PlaNYC 2030 is the organization related to the challenge that Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested as the City of New York to decrease the carbon emission in the city by %30 by 2030 despite the growth expected in the city. The project highlights ten goals within the areas of land, water, transportation, energy, air and climate change. The organization works to create a New York City Energy Planning Board to achieve their goals in energy use reduction, increasing energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources and public awareness. GreeNYC is the sponsored marketing campaign used for PlaNYC 2030.

    +Eyebeam is an open-minded art and technology center that supports artistic efforts and invites the community to take role in issues. They are known for their EcoVis challenges that promotes artists to find solutions for the environment.

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