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    The Guitar Center Music Foundation was created to provide funding and resources for music programs across America so that kids and adults alike will have an opportunity to experience the joys of music. We also educate the public on the value of a musical education. With your help, we can make a difference in people’s lives by providing them a gift that lasts a lifetime.


    The Guitar Center Music Foundation believes that music participation is an essential element in the fabric of an enduring society. Our mission is to have the benefits of making music available to everyone in the communities in which we serve, to promote its importance through education and media initiatives, and to provide financial and in-kind resources in collaboration with other organizations to achieve our common goal.


    We understand the impact music has on the lives of people of all ages, and the tremendous gift it brings to participants and listeners. We understand the power of music on the soul and the vehicle it provides for our sanity, health and creativity. We want to help make that gift available to everyone, with the understanding that the process of participating in music is a means to this end; that people don't have to be rock stars or professional musicians to enjoy the rewards of music participation, and that age is not a factor in the enjoyment or ability to learn to play music.


    Guitar Center may be beneficial to my exploration making music play space available to all.

    Art For Progress MISSION

    Art For Progress (AFP) is a 501(c)3 non profit arts organization committed to the cultivation and support of emerging artists working in diverse genres: the visual arts, fashion, music, film, and new media. Based in New York City, AFP seeks to increase the visibility of talented artists, to raise the awareness of the importance of arts education in public schools, and to support those same arts through its comprehensive arts education program. Besides offering opportunities through a variety of diverse events, AFP offers artists the tools, and resources they need to educate and empower themselves as professional artists in todays increasingly competitive markets. Through the use of modern technology and comprehensive resources, Art For Progress seeks to create an extensive educated artist community. ABOUT US

    Art for Progress is committed to celebrating the arts, cultivating emerging artists, and developing a diverse, creative community with an on-line presence. We believe that the arts are a vital part of our culture, one that unifies, inspires, and also encourages us to achieve new ground in thought, perception, and practice. An important part of our work, therefore, is to make the world of the arts as accessible as possible to artists, art-goers, and the general public. We achieve this goal by organizing captivating events that involve multiple artistic mediums, including performance, music, fashion, and the visual arts in both traditional venues, such as galleries and museums, as well as non-traditional spaces, such as popular nightclubs and lounges. In December 2006, Art For Progress launched its art education program which focuses on providing educational workshops to children in the most under-served communities of New York City. AFP offers programs designed with varied activities, objectives and outcomes. The programs all share a common goal in supporting the arts in learning, while their diverse structure is created to suit the needs of any organization, school or community. http://www.artforprogress.org/about.php?PHPSESSID=bf5f85c26754a0d0c836a0868f9c01d6

    Art for Progress may be beneficial in the exploration of artistic habits, and productivity, as it relates to sight/sound, the mind and the body.

    NUTURE ART Mission NURTUREart Non-Profit Inc. is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for both emerging artists and curators. The unique synergy between the NURTUREart Gallery’s Emerging Curators’ Program and its Artists’ Registry generates a collaborative environment for curatorial experimentation and exposure of new artists. This framework, along with other far-reaching programming, cultivates a supportive artistic network and enriches the local and larger cultural community.

    In addition to the exhibition program and registry, this commitment to community building includes a monthly art salon and a rotating selection of panel discussions, gallery talks, studio tours, performances, readings and workshops—informing artists, curators, collectors and the general public. And vitally nurturing the next generation with an Education Outreach program in local high schools.

    NURTUREart, our name is our mission.


    NUTURE ART may be a place to explore the possibilities of creativity, sight/sound, the mind and the body.

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