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    Many people will, at some time, have perused a seed catalogue. This is the one that probably comes through the door unexpectedly, tempting us to buy multitudes of seeds in packets. The promise of glorious displays of vegetables or flowers in the coming months is very tempting. This kind of business generally does very well. So why not go up to the next stage and try an online service offering already grown trees or plants delivered by post anywhere in the UK? These could be for your own pleasure or maybe intended as a gift. Plants and trees purchased online and sometimes with the option of free delivery is a very popular option nowadays.

    An example of a situation where you would need to allow extra time would be if you had ordered plants online to be delivered to addresses in Northern Ireland or the Highlands of Scotland. It is not a problem even to send trees by post to these locations but delays can be experienced, particularly where ferry transport is involved. It is certainly recommended that an extra day or two is factored in to the plan if you want your delivery to arrive by your preferred day. You can be sure, however, that the company will do its very best to make your plants online shopping experience a good one.

    Naturally any company will charge for delivery of such orders but the charges are very reasonable and, in fact, you might even get free delivery on some occasions. Top Topiary, for example, will sometimes run a promotion such as orders over 25 are delivered free anywhere in the UK, but this only applies to deliveries from Monday to Friday. Saturday deliveries will attract their standard delivery charge to mainland UK addresses, currently standing at 19.95 per order. Trees or plants by post in the UK on any weekday are usually 4.95 per order. Anyone considering buying plants or trees online should note that the delivery charge is per ORDER, not per item. So, the more you spend, the better value it can be!

    The only parts of the UK that you cannot get plants or trees delivered are those offshore parts comprising the Hebridean islands, the Isle of Man, the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands. The shipping costs and unpredictability of ferry services would make online orders to these locations impractical. In the unusual event that something is out of stock a customer would be contacted and offered a later delivery date or an alternative choice of plants or trees by post. The decision to buy a plant or tree online is a big one and successful delivery, particularly FREE delivery, will guarantee customer satisfaction.

    For inquiries you may visit cheap-topiary-trees

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