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    I am leaning towards the ideas from my previous post titled 'Oblivious'. I mentioned that people in India are unaware of their personal impact on the environment... However, while researching this topic my interests broadened to three major issues that I would like to concentrate on: women artisans in India, how they impact the environment through their work and living habits, and how their work connects to the rest of the world. When researching NFPs, I found some dealing specifically with one of the issues mentioned above, and some that dealt with all three. Also, the last three do not have a representative in New York, but are based in India. However, I felt that they could help me to connect directly with people in India as it is unlikely that I will be able to travel there in the next few months. I feel that I will have to work with more than just one non-profit group as my interests encompass more than just one 'problem'.

    -Aid to Artisans: Offers practical assistance to artisan groups worldwide, working in partnerships to foster artistic traditions, cultural vitality, improved livelihoods and community well-being. Through collaboration in product development, business skills training and development of new markets, Aid to Artisans provides sustainable economic and social benefits for craftspeople in an environmentally sensitive and culturally respectful manner.

    -World Resources Institute: Our mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth's environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.

    -Artecoop : An International platform for co-operation in the fields of cultural exchange, sustainable development, environmental protection and improvement.

    -AIGA XCD center for cross cultural design: AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design (AIGA|XCD) is an AIGA National Chapter established to foster greater communication between designers across cultures, as well as a better understanding of the interwoven experience of design and culture in our lives. We believe that it is imperative for designers to think beyond their national and cultural borders in order to create visual communication that is responsive to the diversity of audiences today.

    -UNESCO is working to create the conditions for genuine dialogue based upon respect for shared values and the dignity of each civilization and culture. This role is critical, particularly in the face of terrorism, which constitutes an attack against humanity. The world urgently requires global visions of sustainable development based upon observance of human rights, mutual respect and the alleviation of poverty, all of which lie at the heart of UNESCO’s mission and activities.

    -Institute of International Social Development is an international organization, based in Calcutta, India, that strives to build a better world and contribute towards the vision of ‘One Earth One Family’. It has representatives in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Berlin. The Institute has Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the United Nations. It conducts various projects in the fields of Education (‘Sushiksha’), Health (‘Suswasthya’), Income Generation (‘Shramdaan’), HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention (‘Hope’), and creation of Self-Help Groups among rural artisans for self-reliance. The projects, which directly and indirectly benefit over 50,000 people, along with observations and various other programs, are framed on the lines of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

    -International Resources for Fairer Trade: to have an impact on poverty and unemployment by promoting and supporting fairer trade and ethical business.

    -Dastkar: a society for crafts and craftspeople, Dastkar is a registered society that aims at improving the economic status of craftspeople, thereby promoting the survival of traditional crafts.

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