• 7 Tips for Effective Data Visualisation

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    Understand What Users Will Do with the Results

    Analytic interfaces should be driven by an understanding of what users will do with the results. Frame the discussion on uses around role-based design, with sensory cues directing action on only the most critical pieces of information. Role-based design of interfaces is important to match analytic needs to support the different type of decisions people may need to make throughout the organisation. While scores of workers from management to the contact centre might benefit from access to analytics, different interfaces may be required to serve different job roles.

    Remember less is always more. Good business analytics interfaces show the information most critical to the user – not every piece of information that might be available for analysis. Sensory cues direct attention. Good interfaces exploit people’s abilities to perceive patterns based on position, size, shape, color and movement. These properties highlight important features that might otherwise be lost in a table of numbers.

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