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    If you are planning to buy an olive trees it would be a good thing to remember that they survive best if you have a protected, city garden or live in a mild area. Essentially they need lots of sun and need to be planted in well-drained soil. Placed against or close to a warm wall really would be the ideal spot. Once established they are extremely drought-tolerant, but plants will do better if watered regularly in dry spells during the growing seasons. They will also benefit from a good feed with liquid fertiliser at the beginning of spring.

    Another pointer to the olive trees origins is that very dry soil conditions can inhibit flowering, even if the tree itself is able to tolerate such conditions. It is therefore essential that you water the tree during dry spells between February and May. This really is crucial for fruit production even if your first instinct is not to water during periods of cold weather. As the motivation for most people when buying an olive tree is to get a good crop of fruit careful pruning is essential. If you prune to excess the tree is unlikely to produce much fruit as new fruit is produced at the tips of the previous years growth. To prevent the new crop from failing to ripen you should thin the crop, reducing the fruit numbers to three or four per one foot of branch within three weeks of flowering.

    While considering all the varieties of olive trees for sale most people will wonder about the actual taste of home grown olives. The answer is that, if the tree is healthy, you generally get ripe black olives and these can be picked and eaten raw. They do, however, taste quite different from commercially sold olives. These are mostly picked in a green, unripened state. Some are allowed to turn black but commercial olive producers then cure their olives to produce an edible product. This will clearly give the consumer a quite different taste to that experienced when picking off the home grown tree.

    The great thing about buying olive trees is that you are getting something that is not only fairly ornamental but is also a source of food. Naturally any success in harvesting tasty olives is entirely dependent on your cultivation skills. Additionally, the aforementioned growing conditions are absolutely crucial if you are to be successful with this kind of tree. You should never forget that the olive tree does not really belong in northern Europe so it has to be treated with a lot more care than you would perhaps give one of the native species of trees.

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