• Westward Advisors Group for Tax and Estate Planning Overview

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    Westward has designed and implemented insurance plans for hundreds of high net worth Canadians who want to eliminate the tax burden on their estates while minimizing personal tax during their lifetimes.

    We developed The LifeStep Process as a way for accountants and lawyers to help their high net worth clients grow and protect wealth, and manage the estate in the most tax efficient way possible. Our team of tax and insurance experts collaborate with a client’s advisor to ensure that the plan achieves the following results:

    1. Preserves wealth for future generations

      • guarantee an insurance pay-out to beneficiaries to cover the estate tax
      • create additional tax recovery opportunities for heirs
      • make a significant contribution to a charity
    2. Generates lifetime personal tax recovery and positive cash flow

      • reduce the amount of personal tax a client pays throughout his or her lifetime
      • achieve positive cash flow; tax recovery exceeds the cost of insurance premiums
      • release trapped capital from a company

    Westward's expertise is in insurance-based tax and estate plans for high net worth individuals and owners of private companies. Talk to us if you are an advisor with clients who could benefit from The LifeStep Process, and are looking for a proven way to enhance your practice's service capabilities and increase revenues.

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