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    A lot of school jobs that will be filled by SEN teachers will involve them having to use an inclusive style of education, with some pupils having autism or being Down's syndrome children. Some pupils will struggle and find that they are not coping too well with the mainstream educational system, so they can attend a special school that is able to cater better for their needs. The options for SEN teachers can include working within Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD) schools where pupils may have previously been excluded from the mainstream school system or they have extreme behavioural problems. Teachers and support staff will work to help pupils through their GCSE's in a structured and specialist environment, which can be a very rewarding job.

    Professionals looking to work in a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) must have a strong personality to be able to fill the diverse range of school jobs that are available in this sector. PRU's have been established to deliver education for children that cannot attend mainstream schools for a mix of reasons. Often, they are regarded as places that teach children who have behaviour problems, but there is a wide variety of people who attend PRU's from all walks of life. For example, students may have complex medical problems, be teenagers that have fallen pregnant and cannot attend school or are young mothers. Qualified SEN teachers and support staff can also work with pupils to provide them with a source of education whilst they wait for a school place to become available or if they have been or are at risk of being excluded from a school.

    People with emotional and behavioural difficulties can have remarkably high levels of ability in certain areas of study, with biological or genetic conditions influencing how best to teach them. A child's EBD problems will impact on the special education programme that will be developed to help them, addressing particular requirements that might be needed. Assistance like this can be provided in a mainstream school, but it might be more appropriate to teach a pupil in a more specialist environment, meaning there will be school jobs for people wanting to work in this area of education. Pupil Referral Units (PRU's) are used to help students with their behavioural difficulties, helping them to get back into the mainstream school system. Receiving expert SEN support from people with the correct qualifications and experience is vital to this, providing important personal developmental assistance to students.

    There are some real benefits of working as an SEN teacher, with the positives far outweighing the negatives. Working in jobs like this will be challenging as many teaching roles are, but the variety of the tasks that are asked of SEN teachers is vast. Every day will be different and this will depend on what subjects are to be studied and what pupils will be taught. There are very few careers that provide the opportunities open to people teaching students with learning difficulties, which many professionals find incredibly rewarding. As an SEN teacher or in similar school jobs, you will play a hugely important role in helping the development of a child's future and will get great satisfaction from being able to do this.

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