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    Looking for school jobs is a difficult task, as it is a very competitive area for finding work and building on the opportunities that are open to teachers. Each year, the teaching sector receives thousands of new applications for vacancies from within this country, the rest of the EU and from around the world. The UK has an excellent education system that is the envy of many countries, so working within schools here, is a very desirable option. Anyone who is to become a qualified teacher within the EU and now wishes to teach in the UK will commonly be granted Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) without too much fuss. This has helped to increase the number of applications for teaching posts significantly year on year. People are able to find out if they can teach in the UK by contacting the Department for Education (DfE) who will offer direction.

    Professionals looking to work in a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) must have a strong personality to be able to fill the diverse range of school jobs that are available in this sector. PRU's have been established to deliver education for children that cannot attend mainstream schools for a mix of reasons. Often, they are regarded as places that teach children who have behaviour problems, but there is a wide variety of people who attend PRU's from all walks of life. For example, students may have complex medical problems, be teenagers that have fallen pregnant and cannot attend school or are young mothers. Qualified SEN teachers and support staff can also work with pupils to provide them with a source of education whilst they wait for a school place to become available or if they have been or are at risk of being excluded from a school.

    Pupil Referral Units will work with pupils directly to offer them education or an arrangement can be agreed to use external providers, for example Further Education Colleges, voluntary organisations or work-based training through a local employer. These types of school jobs have an important role to play in the national curriculum, but fulfilling them does not mean having to teach the full curriculum to the pupils attending PRU's. Instead, a balanced education can be offered, which broadly follows the basic curriculum needs of English, Maths, Science, Personal, Social and Health Education, ICT and careers advice. A large proportion of PRUs also work alongside schools to provide outreach support and assistance to students deemed vulnerable or who are at most risk of being excluded from school.

    There are some real benefits of working as an SEN teacher, with the positives far outweighing the negatives. Working in jobs like this will be challenging as many teaching roles are, but the variety of the tasks that are asked of SEN teachers is vast. Every day will be different and this will depend on what subjects are to be studied and what pupils will be taught. There are very few careers that provide the opportunities open to people teaching students with learning difficulties, which many professionals find incredibly rewarding. As an SEN teacher or in similar school jobs, you will play a hugely important role in helping the development of a child's future and will get great satisfaction from being able to do this.

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