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    The beach these days can be more of a sandy catwalk than a place to relax and unwind. It's always been said that women dress not to impress men but to impress other women and purchasing the latest in beachwear fashion is a decision, which isn't taken lightly for some. Magazines will be full of the hottest celebrities who are the leaders in the modern day woman's fashion and if Cheryl Cole is sporting a mismatched bikini you can be sure the high street will soon be full of the same design. Jewels and diamantes have been added to beachwear in recent years and this goes to show that there are costumes for practicality and then there's a bikini with diamonds on which you wouldn't possibly swim in! So the second decision to make is, it for actual beach use or to join the beach catwalk parade?

    Depending on your physique, confidence and preference where you look to purchase beachwear can really differ. There's the celebrity magazines, cat walks and trendy high street shops which all show the most modern up to date beach fashion or if you are a little shier and are looking for more of a camouflage costume then there's shops and websites dedicated to sizes 12 and over where the choice of beach fashion is still very much like those in the gossip magazines but with added benefits such as tucked in waists, cupped bras and stomach covers.

    The possibly most important decision, or at least most practical is budget! Where as some, possibly younger and more trendy women will be willing to get into debt to buy the latest designer beachwear comprising of diamonds, jewels and a designers logo, it's not something every woman can do. The range of outfits in the shops for the beach over the summer months is extensive and whether you're shopping in a high end boutique or a cheaper clothes chain store they basically all stock the same thing, beachwear! The cheaper clothes chain stores tend to design their clothes on what is currently favourite in the fashion world, whereas the higher end shops are the leaders of this so each store will have something indeed similar and it is worth checking out the cheaper stores first before spending big money on an item you will probably not get much use out of.

    So now you have a fairly good idea of what is required when purchasing beachwear and it is possibly something you will regret for a long time if not done perfectly right, especially with modern day social networking sites where images can stay with you forever you don't want it to be of you in an unflattering bikini or costume so for this reason the perfect decision must be made, for your own sense of self and to feel comfortable whilst looking great and the present days high street stores have every angle covered for this.

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