• Ways to bloom your garden with bulbs

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    Want to have a beautiful garden in fall? Then bulbs are the most anticipated flowers that would give an appearance of a new garden season and would bring all the colors back to bleak late winter. To plan the following year’s bloom it is necessary to consider the effect and to conceal the bulbs’ dying foliage. Never plant smattering of tulips and bag of daffodils here and there.

    Below mentioned idea would help you to achieve great impact from the Dutchgrown bulbs:

    Don’t bind them:

    While doing naturalized planting look for the species that could easily multiply on their own without being insidious. The location should be such that it could sooth you with the foliage of dying bulb once the flowers are gone. For instance, snowdrops, crocus and Sicilia are for lawns, species of tulips and dwarf daffodils are good for rock gardens and for fields and woodland checkered lily and larger daffodils could be used.

    Give them companions:

    The most inevitable ugly stage in gardening is the time involved in flowering for foliage to die back and store energy for next year’s blooms. At this time nearby plantings should conceal the yellow leaves and take over.

    Color it:

    The bulbs would be having the same effect whether they are placed in a container or in a ground. Hence in autumn portable pots would be a better option and you could place it in garage or storage during winter. Thus you have an advantage to put the color right where you want.

    Try different color combinations:

    To have the most impact you could plant them in sizable groupings. It is advised to place the same variety together but you can place it random occasionally to have an accidental look of cottage garden. Finally, enjoy your beautiful garden with this pop of color that the bulbs give.

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