• Jennifer gilbert How to write a screenplay?

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    Jennifer gilbert How to write a screenplay?

    Discover in this article how to write a screenplay.

    Stages of completion 1 Find a survey a good story:

    Nobody is interested without taking scenario, full of twists judiciously placed in the story. desperate housewive jennifer gilbert No producer wants your text if it is yet another love in rose water or a boring drama that nobody cares about history. Jennifer gilbert These producers want that high concept called in screenwriting parlance, a universal story that can reach a wide audience, with characters and situations that passionate by the audience.

    Of course, you can write a script on your vacation or your cousin's wedding. If it is well written, you will be considered a writer in the best sense of the term, but nobody wants to invest euro on your text because the public does not certainly follow. Before you write your story, ask yourself if it can appeal to a wider audience, or if it does not interest you.

    Your script should be interesting, but also original. This may seem obvious, desperate housewive jennifer gilbert yet production companies drowning scenarios spitting out the same stories, the same themes that have already knows by heart. Your contacts seek the gem, an original idea that will inspire the( television) viewers to see your film. Imaginative writers no longer roam the streets: the endless remakes and other suites of suites are our daily fare. For you to get your game ! I'm not asking you to find a completely revolutionary idea. You can pretty much take a subject that has already been processed, Jennifer gilbert so you give it a special flavor to renew it. Take the example of the Terminator series.

    After the success of the first game, the producers decided to put a series starts. Their challenge was to take the first story without fully recyclable. What did they do to get there? It's very simple: They knocked one of the shots of the film. In Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a terrifying android physical bodybuilder. desperate housewive jennifer gilbert To arouse public interest, the writers of Terminator 2 have therefore devised a new relatively puny robot, physically unimpressive, yet daunting. Caught off balance, the audience loved this robot does not meet the clich├ęs of the genre. The success was huge. You do not have to write a completely revolutionary scenario. You can take a story already known, but reverse his shots for you own and make it more attractive.

    It's going about your daily occupations that inspiration will come to you. Please note that you hear around you, at the bakery, the library, in a queue. Certain phrases heard some discussions you can use to write your story or your replies. Be curious, read, go to the movies. Your script will be even better !

    2 Make a plan:

    Before you start writing your script, you must set your story on paper, without leaving any dramatic knot. desperate housewive jennifer gilbert What a dramatic knot? An event that disturbs the tranquility of the main characters and makes the story interesting. For example, a flying saucer lands in the field of a small rural village. Jennifer gilbert Or a man who wakes up one morning with a woman he does not know. Without these dramatic knots, your story would be pointless.

    Develop a plan with one to four pages, where you describe the story (without dialogue). It will guide you to which you refer in the development of the scenario. Do not try to write your story without this plan, otherwise you will get lost in the maze of your story from page 10. In general, a scenario is divided into three parts. Separate them well in your plan:

    • The premise: 30 pages. The reader discovers the characters and the main plot of the film. A first major dramatic node must occur in the first 12 pages to interest the public. Otherwise, the reader / viewer falls asleep quickly.

    • The body of the story: about 30 to 40 pages. The plans of the principal characters are upset by events, enemies etc.. The protagonists will face these obstacles to reach their (s) goal (s).

    • Resolution: 30 pages. The moment of truth. .. desperate housewive jennifer gilbert The lead characters manage to overthrow all obstacles to reach their (s) goal (s). .. Or maybe on the contrary, they fail ?

    Of course, rules are made to be ignored. Quentin Tarantino began the script for his film Death Proof with a long dialogue spanning twelve pages, while a scene is supposed to last only three or four pages. No dramatic node occurs during this dialogue, yet Tarantino managed to interest the viewer because it is evidence of anti- academicism. We must know how to write compelling dialogue to succeed such a feat. desperate housewive jennifer gilbert Wait until you have more experience as a writer before attempting to write like Mr. Tarantino.

    It was not until I learned the art of scenario you can try to revolutionize. Many online guides and books recommend writing a screenplay of 120 pages. Beware of this board unwise: a text page equals one minute of film, so a 120-page screenplay birth to a 2 hour movie ! For many producers, too long a film is less profitable: in a day, work two hours can not be projected in theaters many times a movie half past one. Therefore bring less money. In addition, some viewers are reluctant to stay so long in a movie theater. I suggest you write a screenplay of 100 pages maximum.

    3 Format it correctly:

    Hope to sell a screenplay, it is essential to format as the professionals do the film and television industry. Jennifer gilbert This may seem obvious, yet most new writers ignore this advice. They send unformatted and written with fancy fonts and hope that the producers will not pay too much attention texts. They think that their interlocutors will be lenient with a first work, even if it is a bastard mix of romance, synopsis and script. This error is fatal to them ! The middle of the audiovisual sector is particularly conservative in this point of view. Producers do not deign to open a badly formatted scenario, they automatically think that cloth is the work of an amateur.

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