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    People sometime suffer a list pain from using a mouse for long time and for those who have a weak grip, it is not even an easy task to manipulate a mouse. This new mouse "Orbit" is specifically designed to ease the stress on user's hand while using a mouse. In stead of dragging around a mouse on the desk you can perform the same task with what they call "track bol"l placed on the top of the body. You can move a pointer on the screen by rolling the track ball without moving the mouse itself at all. It is so easy to use this mouse. In fact, it only requires a palm or even just one finger to roll the track ball. Also its ergonomic shape allows uses to hold the body comfortably. This product was originally developed for making ordinal use's mouse experience better, but due to its usefulness, many people who have a problem with grip are now using this product as well. According to the company, it is possible to use this product by foot or chin with a little practice.

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