• Cultural Awareness



    In today’s society, it is inevitable for one culture to influence the other. People from the eastern countries are overwhelmed by the western cultures and after a few generations, they would have neglected their own cultures and have indulged themselves in a different culture. It is rare to learn that people would show appreciation to their own culture. I have no right to comment on this as I belong to the ones who have a slight tinge of understanding of the Chinese culture and heritage. During my summer internship at G.O.D, a Hong Kong based furniture and home-made goods company which focuses on local design and exploration of Chinese heritage. I have never come across with any local designers prior to my internship. In my entire life, I have always developed an admiration for products which are not designed locally. During my internship, I was instructed to design products which could represent our Hong Kong culture but I was totally clueless. I was ashamed of being ignorant, and I believe that this would be a good opportunity for me to learn more about my family background, Chinese culture, traditions and etc. I am hoping to bring these patterns, shapes, prints and forms into my thesis as well as to be able to conduct a thorough research on the Hong Kong culture. I believe this opportunity would enable me to better understand the Chinese culture and to help people to promote their own culture with appreciation. I had a discussion with Len Mayer on how people have less interest in their own culture due to their early migration to other countries. A lot of recent designs reveal less significant features that could represent their own culture. Basically, the nature of design is becoming more homogenous and it is quite difficult to identify where the product originates from. I would like to bring this sense of cultural craftsmanship/ technique which would encourage people to appreciate their own culture or other cultures around the world. My next step is to research more on my home culture, style and goods and to explore other’s culture, including past and exciting design / art / products.

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