• Recycling Furniture



    It has come to my attention that there is a lot of old / damaged furniture lying on the streets. I would collect some of the nice antique furniture on the streets for the purpose of recycling and would consider alternative ways to reuse the old furniture. I decided, in my thesis project, to change the original furniture into something new which allows people to reuse / recycle the old furniture instead of disposing them. We have to ensure things that we recycle. I think the idea of education are essential, to nurture people the right way to recycle unused furniture. From previous projects such as Racey and Ameila’s recycling furniture projects, I think it solves the problem of reusing wooden materials to recreate a new piece of usable and exciting piece of furniture, and to encourage people to recycle furniture. However, the problems raised in the projects, they weren’t easy to construct. A lot of people do not have the skills or ability to do it by themselves. It could be time-consuming and a long hard process to remake the damaged furniture without appropriate facilities, some people would rather dispose the furniture and consume a new piece. Michael Whitney, a very inspirational designer whom collects abandoned objects and furniture, and recreate new functional objects. (http://www.michaelwhitney.com)All in all, I would like to educate the people the idea of recycling furniture with proper instructions on maintenance. Moreover, I want to explore further on the different types of materials such as plastics and metals as the furniture are mainly made out of woods. I would like to work with non-profit groups such as Earth 911, NYSAR.

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