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    NEW PROJECT COMES IN! 1 May 2013 Administrator

    This amazing year is certainly get more amazing by the incoming of our new project. Please welcome Magghali By The Sea! Why it is so stunning? Not other than the spectacular location : absolute beachfront. While the other are obstacled by the road in front of it, we present you a clear view of the sand and sea, just a step away from the land.

    We splitted this land onto 5 plots, which has the least size is 3 Are and the biggest is 6 are. As usual, we also provide the land with fine quality private road access which has 5m wide and circle turn. The land will be divided (bordered) with 1m height of retaining wall.The land itself is easly access from the main road.

    You can see the details of the project on our running project page. And we hope that we continuosly bring you the best property investment in Bali as our motto : inspiring better lives. :)


    HOME PAGE CHANGES 8 January 2013 Administrator

    Dear All, we have made some improvement to our website. We changed the home page so it is now more attractive than before. We also made a news page, the one you looking at right now. We create this thing so you can follow our company progress up-to-date. And we will trying to feeds you with any news from our project.

    Please enjoy.


    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! 2 January 2013 Administrator

    Happy New Year for all of you. Hopefully this year will become another great year for us.

    Last year was a great year for Crown Capital. We have finished our projects such as Villa di Uma and Keramas Residence. Both of them are successfully accomplished. Both Villa di Uma and Keramas Residence have earned many many demands from the customer. Most of them said that they love how we create our projects. For Villa di Uma, they love how we create the nice surrounding, landscape arrangement, and interior design. And for Keramas Residence, they love the perfect location (close to popular beach) and how we arrange the location (nice road access, concrete border for each lot, etc).

    In the last 3 months of 2012, we start to develop our next project : Magghali Residence and Magghali @ Keramas. Magghali Residence is a continuous project. Consist of 4 stunning villa project, this project will become one of our running project this year. Start from Magghali Uno, Magghali Duo, Magghali Tre and the last is Magghali Grande.

    Magghali @ Keramas is a buzz! Here it comes the best living space near the Keramas Beach surfing spot. This villa will brings you the perfect beach life in a contemporer building. We still develop this villa and now progressing the architectual phase. Will inform to you as soon as we got it !

    Last but not least, we hope Crown Capital can be your friend, your colleague, your partner for making your living dream come true. Don't hesitate to call us for any information you need.


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