• One of my Thesis Direction

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    One of my interested for my senior thesis is the poverty in undeveloped countries. I’ve been searching what I can do for those poor countries in terms of food, wearing, living, transporting, education and entertainment as a product designer. I’m thinking how can I make a balance between developed and undeveloped countries? I found that one is more original and closer to nature and the other one is more female to technologies. From my understanding so far for technology is the more it is introduced the more waste are created by people. For example, there are 300 million waste tires are dumped on the landfill annually as well as many older electronics.If we can design some up-cycled products from waste material and provide those products to those poor countries to make a balance between developed and undeveloped countries, people who are in different countries would have a better life.

    Non-Profit Organization: Zero Poverty Now http://zeropovertynow.org/

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