• Addressing problem between patients and care people (person)



    The first image, this is a physical idea and concrete approach that a patient who needs wheelchair is able to stand and do something by himself or herself. The point is they can do something beyond disadvantages and be more close to others. The second image is more advanced technology used. This wearable support suit enables a patient do same as other people. However, those items solve just physical disadvantages of them. The true problem is communication between people involves care people and patients. One fact of their issues is miscommunication or no-communication. For example, a wheelchair is one of product that is in between patient and care person. There is a conversation while they are walking, this is good communication to grow their relationship. However, if one of two do not want to talk to anyone or cannot talk, one huge gap would appear between them.

    Looking into their daily tasks, a care person help patient’s tasks such as wearing, eating, going restroom, and walking around, but basically those tasks do not need conversation, in other words, “just doing their daily job”. This might be no problem for ordinary people, however, this is such a huge problem for those care people and patients. From my previous posting ’one story of my thesis’, one guy who is working mental hospital is claiming this “just doing their daily job”. This is not only for mental hospital, but also other care facilities, miscommunication influences even care people and both of their mental health become worse.

    Going back to the example of products, wheelchair and wearable assist suit solve “their daily job” easier, but we need to solve also this problem. Here is one point, they are always staying with together. Even though there is no conversation, they have a physical contact while they are doing something, for example, changing clothing. The physical contact is a strong and direct communication to the others, this might be one key point to grow their relationship.

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