• One story of my thesis



    During the summer, I had to think about what I am going to do in my senior year. At that time, I was thinking more environmental issues and poor people in the world for the thesis before I meet her. My thinking was just vague idea and had no-focal point. At the mid of summer vacation, I had a chance to go back to Japan only one week. I could see a friend of mine that I have made since second high school. She is one of friends who know what other old friends are doing now. While we had a dinner, she started to talk about what other friends doing now and their situation. I already know that a few of other friends are working in public welfare, but I did not know what kind of welfare institution they belong. She told me that two of them are working in psychiatric facilities and taking care mental patients every day. I know those two men well, one guy was a pro-boxer until few years ago and another guy was a member of gang. They had some troubles during high school and always had too much energy. I was thinking they could be doing well in any area of job since they have enough stamina and patience.

    However, she let me know that they want to give up their job these days, because they have an invisible problem in working condition. Concretely, they could not sustain their mental health she said. They are working as care workers and stay with mental patients everyday. She finally told me the real voice of one of them when she had a chance to talk to him, “Can you imagine people who I take care never talk or even response…Even though there are some people around us but there is no communication... Everyday is same and it makes me feel that taking care non-human and such a never ending loop!” Afterwards, she told him, “Why do you make up your mind they are non-human!? They have an emotion and feelings and even are able to think! Everyday is not same, whatever you do same action and tasks, but everything is slightly different! You are the only one person who is the most closest to them!” After that, he cried for a while and back to his job.

    Nowadays care workers are increasing along with increasing of mental patients and elderly people who need care, however, those care workers are influenced seriously by patients. The result of this situation would be a society without brightness. Problems are not always visible matter, but they are also in such an invisible level such a communication. To have A GOOD LIFE, making goods and getting money do not make any sense, we must look into fundamental matter of people and things in between people.

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