• barefoot in africa

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    for most of the western civilization people walking barefoot is a sign for freedom, vacation and relaxation. In Africa, especially in Kibera, Kenya it is the main cause for fatal diseases and deaths of thousands of people mainly children. there are 1.2 million people living in a town the size of nyc central-park. 1 of every 5 people has aids, and the average life expectancy is 41. children are running barefoot all day long - 95% of them get the hookworms to penetrate through their feet skin, many of them get cut and injured and finally they join the world's highest concentration of HIV carrier population. shoes or any type of skin coverage to their feet would protect them and hopefully help them survive in their environment, and maybe even encourage them to start doing kinds of sports, that at the moment they cannot allowed themselves to even try... donations and pity are not the answer to Africa's crisis. many of the materials we use, many of the industrial processes we experience are either processes that were originally invented, in some form, by ancient tribes, as part of their social evolution, or materials that we are actually using today, and they are originated from Africa. I feel that Africans has most of what it needs in order to do things themselves, what they are lacking is the western knowledge and guiding on how to use what they possess. For too long we only took from Africa, i feel it is time to give some back in order for them to do it themselves for themselves. the Non-for profit organizations that are dealing with this issue are: "shoes4africa", clark's shoes - "soul of africa" charity, "designers for africa" and few more. I am aiming at local, self production that eventually will aid the people to enjoy a product, which was produced by them to serve their needs and limitations. I believe that charity and fulfilling people's needs without their own interaction in the process will bring to some sort of emptiness and parasite type behavior, educating people to only receive and never gain.

  • Great points Oz! Would be interesting to survey needs/desires in a particular village. Maybe look at various methods of transport and why people travel distances (food, trade, service, etc)?



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