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    When asked on our first day for 3 things that we feel are important to us I had mentioned 3 F’s. I only remember 2 of them, Family and Ferrari. To me these two are very important. Not necessarily Ferrari perse, nor do I necessarily mean humans perse. In my family we have a dog, his name is Yoshi, I believe he is 11 years old. 2 years ago he went blind. It’s very unfortunate but he copes fairly well with it. He’s been having other health issues as well but not related to his loss of vision. I have heard that blindness among Chinese Pugs is not uncommon. One of the things that I notice when I am around him is that he bumps into things a lot. He’s very smart, he knows his way around the new house which he has never seen (we moved in the past year). He knows where there are carpets/rugs, how many steps he has to go down to get outside and even once he is outside he has a strong sense of where he is based on the rocky driveway, the hills in the grass, and various other things around the property and house. But this does not prevent him from bumping into things, he still hits the corners of walls, and table legs, and chair legs and recently he must have bumped his eye into something maybe even a twig, you can see the hole, and you can see that it’s painful for him. One thing I always think about is some kind of helmet, or guiding cane for his head so he knows when he is about to hit something. The other thing I love is not necessarily the grace and beauty of a Ferrari, but I have a love for automotive transportation. I see a lot of issues with cars and transportation. Tim Keating came to talk to us last Thursday in our materials class and he mentioned something about how there are so many “single” person occupants in most of the vehicles on the road. I know exactly what he’s talking about, I think about it all the time. Unfortunately I am usually in my car by myself looking at all the other cars that have one person in a 2, 5, or 7 passenger vehicle. I find myself thinking why? The main reason I can think of is because we are spoiled, although we complain that gas is so expensive, but have you been to Europe, where gas can be 9 dollars a gallon. Also there’s an ease of traveling with a lot of things as oppose to a bus where its harder to carry a bag of laundry, a bag of clean clothes, a guitar, laptop and all the other shit that you had to bring home for the weekend. Do you think I’m going go to the part authority carrying all of that with me just to go home? No, I’m going to take my car. Also, there is no reliance on someone else’s schedule; it’s all up to you when you want to go someplace. One thing I do see is that there are smaller cars taking over the taxi business, I see a lot of yellow cab Toyota Camrys, Nissan Altimas, ford escape’s taking over the popular Crown Victorias. Another issue I would like to address is ADD/ADHD and the rise of popularity that it has. My cousin who is 12 now (and I haven’t spoken to in about 1 year due to our shaky family infrastructure) was told to go on Ritalin/Aderall. He was very hyper, could never sit still. I am not into this idea of saying “oh, you kid has ADD, lets give him drugs.” I am not totally opposed to it, but I believe it’s dispensed way too quickly when there can be other ways to deal with it. The argument my uncle would say is “The doctors say that kids with ADD and no treatment will turn to drugs” (Marijuanna and more) the funny thing is, most of my friends that were prescribed Ritalin or Aderall, did drugs anyways. I love music too, I play guitar, and I would love to explore the possibilities of music and peace as a possible solution to kids and ADD/ADHD.

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