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    Problem Identified: New Yorkers are ignorant of what to do with food waste.

    Tae-Yun Kim’s Solution: A composting unit for elementary school cafeterias.

    Non-Profit Group: Lower East Side Ecology Center

    Strengths: Project follows the goals of the non-profit. Good intentions.

    Negatives: Shape does not indicate it’s purpose. Time issue is unresolved. Not energy efficient. Oblivious to NYC spacial limitations. Board is incomplete. Peek holes are too small.

    Our Solution: Integrate the process into the curriculum. Make the composting unit individual sized. Make it fun!

    The Design: Loading caps have magnifying lens dual functionality. Body material is soft to the touch. Black material absorbs natural light to facilitate decomposition. You can twist and roll the compod to mix the food waste inside. The side viewing window allows the composter to document progress.

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