• Intersection 1: Clean Up



    The product I chose that I really admire is Hidaeki Matsui’s Clean Up from the class of 2006. His whole meaning of using soap as a metaphor for “cleaning up” the landmines in Cambodia that were remnants of war is really poetic. At the same time, the entire concept is so simple, yet so beautiful. The product creates this connection with people that are using it to a nation that could be, for that particular person, across the world. He changes the meaning of doing an everyday activity and makes it into something that helps a nation through performing this simple activity that we all grow up doing: bathing.

    I don’t really have suggestions for improvements necessarily, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the product be translated into multiple versions. For example, if it were to come out in a liquid soap that still used the same local ingredients and materials that were contained in the bar soap from Cambodia. It could possibly come in a sustainable container that could be biodegradable or recycled.

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