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    Entering the Canadian Dental Association is no cakewalk because there is a certain test that one must go through before he will be granted permission to enter. The test or evaluation process is known as the CDA interview and it will be the basis on whether one will get in or not. So if one is really adamant on getting in this association, then these tips and tricks will really be of help.

    Now do not think that this is like any normal interview where the interviewer only assesses, the skills and knowledge of the applicant. In this case, the interviewers will be looking at all aspects of a person including skills, knowledge, thinking process, personality, and communication skills. It is through the seven competencies that the applicant will be tested and if he does not possess majority of these qualities, he will not be accepted.

    Take note that these seven competencies or seven qualities will be represented by seven questions. These competencies are skills in dentistry, skills in communication, integrity, decision making, control, sensitivity, conscientiousness, and of course discretion. If the applicant will be able to possess a little of all of these qualities, he is a sure in.

    As early as now, one should already be able to prepare himself to always stay calm and cool. The reason why he must do this is because he should develop presence of mind to be able to react rationally in dire situations. This is important because just in case he gets caught off guard in the interview, he can still think up of an answer that will make sense.

    Now when it comes to the competencies, one must make sure that he possesses at least a little bit of each quality. Do not worry because the association will give ample time for the interviewee to prepare which means that he can attain those qualities in that time. All it takes is just some time for him to improve himself and fix his mindset.

    Practicing how to answer concisely and accurately is also very crucial here. When one says accurately, he means that the applicant should answer the question in a straightforward manner and do not beat around the bush. One tip for applicants would be to first get in touch with a previous applicant who got in and seek some help.

    The last tip would be for one to just be confident and sure about himself. Sometimes, it is not about answer itself but it is about how the answer is presented. Of course if one would be able to present his answer in a good and confident way, it will be valid even if it is not the answer that the interviewers are looking for.

    So basically, those are some very useful tips for preparing for the CDA interview. Always remember to get a good nights sleep before the big day because one will not be able to concentrate if he is edgy and sleepy. Probably the most important tip of them all is to simply be calm and act natural.

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