• A Lofty Escape – Tips for Creating A Modern Loft

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    So you have moved into your new loft and are absolutely loving it. It is odd-shaped, but that is alright. It has got Himalayan ceilings and is spacious, which is what matters. There is a lot you could do with it. But your heart is set on a modern decor because you want something that is a combination of trendiness and usefulness.

    The good news is that lofts are perhaps the easiest of spaces to give a modern and sleek look to. (Their almost industrial character certainly helps.) Many of them are bachelor or bachelorette pads, hence need a layout that supports tidiness and as little clutter as possible, which fits right in with the aesthetics of modern interior decoration.

    Here’s how you can infuse modernism into your loft.

    Choose sleeker furniture

    Clean, angular lines are the best to create a spacious feel and make the place look clutter-free even if it is not. The simple design of modern furniture also creates a sense of lightness in the space. Have less of bulky wooden sofas and more of the following in your loft:

    Wrought iron furniture also fulfils all the requirements of a modern decor, but is more aesthetically pleasing than plastic chairs and tables.

    Since lofts have an open plan structure, they can start looking empty if they are big and filled entirely with modern furniture. One may start feeling the need to fill their loft up with more stuff just for the sake of making it look a bit, well, lived in. Don’t insist on a modern decor just for the sake of it. If you feel a heavy bed and a rotund couch will add an element of cosiness and warmth to the place, go with it. The modern furniture pieces should ideally be only used when you need their characteristics – simplicity, lightness, and roominess – in your space.

    For a good dose of light

    If despite being perched on top your abode doesn’t receive a lot of sunshine, you might want to incorporate reflective surfaces in your room. Gold and silver tones also reflect brightness. For example: golden window hangings, white lampshades, full-length mirrors, shiny kitchen countertops, and glass or stainless steel balustrades and handrails (if you have a staircase). Such an arrangement screams modernism (with a contemporary twist).

    Colour therapy

    While sharp lines are great, a touch of colour here and there will keep the place from looking austere.

    Your wall hangings, carpets/rugs, curtains, bed sets, wardrobe, dresser, centre table, all need to be brightly coloured, or you will lose your marbles in that monochromatic and angular ivory tower of yours. We don’t want to create something out of the movie The Island.

    Dedicate a corner of your loft to your creativity

    This has nothing to do with modernism or any other ‘ism’, but just to keep things light and the vibes in your loft healthy. Whether it’s your guitar, the turntables, the DIY craft studio, the fashion cuttings, it is recommended to develop a space solely for creative purposes. That is not to say that you are not allowed to take your creative endeavours anywhere else in your loft, just that it’s a good idea to divide your functional and creative space. It keeps things tidy and inspires creativity.

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