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    There is a continuing debate on the benefit that air duct cleaning Lafayette offers. There is some proof that a dirty vent system causes health troubles but there is also no evidence that cleaning them has any benefit. The only certain benefit to cleaning the vents is that the HVAC system runs more efficiently.

    Air circulates through the vent system approximately seven times per day. The air moving through your vent system carries dust and particles. The furnace filter does catch a lot of the debris and dust. Unfortunately if a system is neglected, not installed correctly, or filled with dust from remodeling, there can be a build up in the system. This can cause your system to operate less efficient.

    The EPA has stated that no study proves that clean air ducts will prevent health problems. However, there is also no evidence that a system that is dirty increases the amount of dirty air in your home. There are folks who have a sensitivity to dust and dander and get relief when the ducts have been cleaned. Even so, it is best to check to make sure your vents are dirty before hiring a provider.

    To check your ductwork to see if it needs to be cleaned you can use a digital camera that has a flash. You may not be able to see the entire system but you can get a general idea of how clean or dirty it is. All you need to do is take a floor register off and reach in to the duct as far as possible to take a few pictures.

    If you see dust and particles only two to three feet inside the register you can use your vacuum hose to remove it. However, if there appears to be a trail of dust and debris past what you can reach with a vacuum hose you may need a professional service. Keep an eye out for cobwebs, dust, and debris being blown out from the registers.

    Look for other signs that indicate your ductwork is in need of a cleaning. There are several signs that include mold that is on the inside of your duct which indicates your system is dirty. Also, dead bugs and rodent droppings are an indication that a professional needs to be called in to clean. Recent construction projects will also cause a lot of dust that will settle in vents.

    There are a number of reasons for having the ducts in your home cleaned. Cleaning will eliminate dust that has accumulated so that it does not get blown into the house. Removing dust, debris, and cobwebs can improve the flow of air and the efficiency of your system. It is important to know that fiberglass gathers more debris and dust than those made of sheet metal.

    To minimize air duct cleaning Lafayette folks take measures to make sure the ductwork in their homes stays clean. For example, change the furnace filters regularly to keep dust from building up in the system. It costs less to change a filter than it does to have your vents cleaned.

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