• Steps Followed When Undertaking Carpet Cleaning Oakland Provides

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    No matter how hard one tries to clean up the home without washing the mat, the house is not likely to be clean. This is because carpets have a tendency of picking up dirt. Therefore, this calls for one to always clean the mat. This way, one can be sure to have a bright mat that does not have any stains occurring on it. It is not necessary that one takes the mat to a cleaner, the work can be done by the owner. When doing it, there are some steps to be taken when undertaking Carpet Cleaning Oakland provides.

    The basic but very vital step is sweeping the mat. This involves doing away with all the dirt particles, both the small and large particles. One can use a vacuum at this step. It can do the same task as a broom. Even if you think that some parts are not dirty, it is vital to sweep the entire rag. This way, one is sure that no dirt has been left on it.

    Once you are done with sweeping, you can make a mixture of chemical powder and some borax. This mixture is vital in removing stains, even the tough ones. It also prevents any molds from growing on it. Thus, you must ensure that you mix it well so as to increase its efficiency. This leads to wonderful results.

    Once the mixture is ready, sprinkle it all over the mat. One can then leave it lying there for a while before starting to scrub it. The most recommended time here is about an hour. Once it has stayed for that time, you can vacuum it. This step is vital in ensuring that no stain is left on the rug.

    A mixture of equal measures of vinegar and water should be prepared next. The mixture is meant to counter any other remaining blemishes. In using this, all those blemishes will be effectively tackled regardless of the kind of problem at hand. Any material used to make up a rag can be well catered by this. Darker materials are however generally friendlier to deal with as compared to lighter ones.

    That mixture is used to scrub that rug. Once you are done, leave it for a while. A towel can be used to further absorb the mixture as well as the dirt.

    However, making use of a rented machine if one does not own one can become handy here too. In this case, hot water is used to thoroughly remove stains that are otherwise resistant to regular water. Hot water is in most cases used where one does not want to apply the use of detergents which can otherwise weaken the fabrics.

    Once this is done, one can proceed as per the instructions of the manufacturer since the stubborn stains have been dealt with. It is however advisable to run the cleaner over the rag to pick out or absorb any detergent remains. One can as well run clean water through the floor mat to rinse it out any residue that remains behind as a result of dirt or thee soap used.

    One should then stay off the rag to enable it dry completely. This is not the end of the washing process however. Once dry, it is encouraged that one takes it to a dry cleaner to flush out any traces that dry out on the fabrics. This is the last step undertaken during Carpet Cleaning Oakland has. If not, this can permanently discolor it.

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