• The Way I See It

    Community, Communication Design

    MY ROOM is the place i spent most of time each day.

    1. #1 vision of my ideal room is a BIG room(20 ft x 20 ft x16 ft studio by myself) with lots of sun light and a great view, also lots of storage space for my art supplies, junks, clothes, and etc... 2.After the #1 change in my room, it would benefit everyone and myself through spacious area to relax and work at the same time. 3.as for now, i cant really reach that goal yet because i do share a room with my room mate and things are just everywhere and complicated. the only thing i could do is to compromise with my room mate and share. working hard and getting that money is the #1 key for me to accomplish my goal, my ideal room.


    I would like to make it more diverse and urban through guerilla tactics. To make it happen, I would like to make graphic t-shirts with a thoughtful concept behind every t-shirt I make, and every shirt would apply to life experiences as the main concept. The neighborhood either would buy into my idea or not but one would always be curious and interested of the concept behind the lifestyle designed t-shirts.

    country/and the world

    Again, by accomplishing my vision for this country it’s easy. The way I imagined it would be a lifestyle brand with the collaboration of my friends that have the same mind set of breaking the stereotypes in the industry (music, film, art and design).
    We want to do things the way we wanted to, problems we see and share, we want to be our own boss basically. Through our life style brand, hopefully we could break the general stereotype of this country. Such as "Asians are good at math." "African American are good at sports" "this is a good area, due to the large amount of white folks." We want to attack these stereotyping through music, films, design, and etc.

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