• TWiST: The Way Leah Sees It



    I spend most of my time in school.

    1 Vision for change: to create a sense of community.

    Benefits: inspiration, networking, assisting one another with projects/work. How to do this: encourage and promote more shows/exhibitions, online hub where students can communicate, more integration of departments.


    1 Vision for change: reduce plastic bag use.

    Benefits: cleaner/healthier neighborhood (environment), reduce waste. How to do this: implement a system in stores that will reduce plastic bag use- by advertising and promoting cloth, and other types of reusable bags.


    1 Vision for change: end corruption (lack of loyalty and citizenship).

    Benefits: reduce poverty, more even spread of wealth and power, access to education, order and efficiency. How to do this: education, enforce laws and rules, help create more of a sense of community.


    1 Vision for change: green/sustainability.

    Benefits: more holistic and natural lifestyle, minimal to no toxins, preserve the planet, healthier environment. How to do this: educate, research, take risks.

    1 Vision for change I want to work on: SOCIAL JUSTICE.

    I will vote in the 2008 Presidential Election. I am mixed race- Indian (South Asia)/American (Jewish).

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