• TWIST: The Way I See It: Jesse



    School My vision for change at school is small but necessary – I think that all of the product design shops (furniture, models, ceramics, etc.) should be open for longer hours during finals. This would presumably help everyone in product design to accomplish better quality work. To make this type of change a reality, the best thing I could do is join the student council and advocate for longer shop hours. I could also put together a petition to prove that the change was important to the community as a whole, not just myself.

    Neighborhood To make my neighbourhood a better place, I would create more public spaces for art. Everyone would benefit from the aesthetic beauty, and it could help to create more of a community. One of the great things about the east village is Union Square, and the way people are drawn to all of the art, food, etc. going on around them. It would be amazing to create small spaces throughout the rest of the neighbourhood that could also draw gatherings of people together. To achieve something like this I could begin by mapping out potential areas of the neighbourhood that could sustain art in all different capacities. Some could be designated for fine art, while some could go towards live art, music, theatre, etc. I could then gather like-minded individuals and put together a neighbourhood committee to start advocating for the change.

    Country My vision for Canada involves tweaking the education system to better integrate arts education into mainstream schooling. This would benefit everyone in the nation by developing creativity in the future leaders of the country. I feel that creativity is such an important tool for everyone to develop, regardless of which profession they end up pursuing. The most successful people in the majority of fields from business to science to technology are successful because they approach their practice in a way that the rest of the field does not see. In order to create this type of change, I would most likely need to collaborate with educational professionals that have studied the benefits and drawbacks of a stronger arts education. I could work closely with these people in developing a strong argument for the change, and then begin advocating.

    World To make the world a better place, I envision stronger international relations/cultural appreciation. I think everyone would really benefit from a stronger connection to the rest of the people in the world, and a better understanding/appreciation of what makes each person and culture unique. This change does not have a strong dependence on money or location, and is not necessarily something that would have to be done with a product or service. The degree of connectivity between all citizens of the world is increasing rapidly every day, and I think it is starting to build a better understanding of difference already. If we continue to take advantage of these great resources that we already have set in place, I think that we will be moving in the right direction. To help this process along, I think the best place for me to make changes would be at the local level. I think attempting to create better understanding could happen in a variety of ways, such as education, activities, programs, etc. In general, I think the easiest place to start would be with the youngest generations. This attempt at change could be documented through a blog, which could be an open forum type of engagement that would invite others with similar goals to share their pursuits.

    1 Vision

    The #1 vision for change that I want to work on is increasing the value of life for each and every individual. I think I can approach this from a variety of ways – while filling out this TWIST form, I focused on interconnecting people to create better understanding and acceptance. In my biography, I focused on examining peoples’ lives and improving their standard of living by making routine difficulties a little easier. While these two explorations may seem totally unrelated, I think they are both an attempt to increase understanding and acceptance of difference in the world. I feel that several strides have been made in this direction over the last few decades, but we still have a long way to go. Ultimately, I would like to add my part to this important pursuit.

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