• Ego Ecig May Improve Smokers Wellbeing Even If You Do Not Cut Out Nicotine Completely

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    Cigarette smoking is very bad for your long term health. The smoke has been shown to cause damage to both your heart and your lung and it also increases the risk of getting cancer. Many people want to stop but have been unable to do so. Ego Ecig has helped even long term smokers quit. This method is much more effective than any other program.

    Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. However, some people may not realize just how bad it is. It can affect every part of your body. It can age your skin, cause heart problems, lung problems, and can even cause newborn babies to be born smaller. It also increases the risk for virtually every type of cancer. One fifth of all deaths in the United States have been traced back to the use of cigarettes.

    Around 70 percent of say they would like to stop and around 50% try each year. Some people try to stop smoking cold turkey but this is the least effective method and the majority of them restart within a matter of days. Only about 8% of all people managed to completely quit on their own. As a general rule, those who have successfully stopped have received some sort of assistance. Some of these involve patches, gum, and therapy.

    Nicotine gum and patches are often used by people who want to stop smoking. The short term success rate is fairly good at just over 25% but the long term rate is not as good. Only around ten percent of them manage to quit long term by using gum or patches. Patch users are a little more successful than gum chewers. There are some side effects like nausea and dizziness associated with both of these methods. Still, these are less than the side effects from smoking cigarettes.

    Electronic cigarettes have an impressive long term success rate. 30 percent of smokers, or three times the amount of patch and gum users, report long term success with electronic cigarettes. Of course, in many ways they continue to smoke but the vapor is much less hazardous than the smoke. This does not mean that there are no potential health risks because there is still nicotine present in the vapor.

    One benefit to electronic cigarettes is that they are smokeless and can be smoked in public. They contain nicotine that is expelled into your lungs through a water vapor. The water is heated by an electronic vapor that is contained in the cigarette. There are premade cartridges but many people just buy liquid nicotine. There are also starter kits available that contain batteries and some contain sample cartridges.

    Electronic cigarettes are priced differently depending on the manufacturer. However, they not only will save you money that you do not spend on cigarettes but can also save money from medical bills. Over a life time a smoker can save thousands of dollars by using ecigs.

    You should make ego ecig a part of your cessation program. Smokers have reported that long term, thirty percent of them have been able to quit with this product. Not only that but it is far cheaper than cigarettes and a smoker can save literally thousands of dollars just by getting their nicotine in a vapor rather than a smoke.

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