• TWiST: The Way I See iT

    Community, Industrial Design

    The place I spend most of my time is my apartment in East Village. Above all things I would like it to be newer, that would be my #1 vision for change. If it was renovated with new and substantial materials, everyone would benefit from the drop in utilities and maintenance fees. What we can do is to change the windows with safer and better insulating ones and using self cleaning, dust repellent paint and finishes, like Teflon for exterior surfaces.

    My #1 Vision for my neighborhood would be for it to be cleaner with better garbage control. This would be in the benefit of everyone bringing the advantages of better pest control, cleaner and wider sidewalks and less odor. As the people of the neighborhood, we can help by wrapping our waste better, using proper garbage bins of adequate size and number, adopting garbage chute systems and keeping the street gardens well-kept.

    When I imagine the world the way I most want it to be I have the #1 vision for change of global fair trade and peace. If this vision can become a reality, it would cause a positive shift in the global economy, empower the middle class and allow people to do the jobs they want to do. To make this vision a reality, we can support fair trade industries and support groups and parties with anti-war agendas.

    The #1 vision for change that I want to work on is re-designing for the better world, seeing better opportunities in products and unfolding the opportunities while incorporating them into my designs.

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