• Important Details About Golf For The Disabled You Must Know

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    Many people use their leisure time by playing games. Games are of various types. There are ball games and also animal games. These games relieve the stress of the mind and ensure that the fitness of the body and its parts is achieved. Nowadays, all the games are gender balanced. You will find ladies in football and you will also find them in medal play. All countries participate in various world games meaning no one is left out. Games also consider golf for the disabled.

    There is this unique game mostly dominated by men called the medal play. It is a game where player are required to hit balls into a provide hole from a distance with using the less number of strokes. The winner emerges by hitting the hole with the less number of times. It is done using several balls. The game is not easy for starters but there are coaches who teach how to play.

    The associations of these players have rules that regard wearing the uniform. The uniform of the players is very unique from the rest of these games. It usually requires one to wear a t-shirt with a collar and ensure it is tacked during the play. The rules also require one to wear a cap and tie a belt. These are very simple rules that differentiate the players from others.

    This sport can be played by anyone regardless of the gender, age or physical condition or challenges. It is a great way of building friendship among people and also doing exercises. Those with physical challenges also have their associations which help them to grow and also play international games. The organizations provide rules that are to be followed by anyone who is challenged when playing.

    These people are usually physically challenged differently from one another. Therefore, each group has different rules to guide them in the sport. These rules apply differently on the basis of challenges a person is facing. The blind have certain rules different from the deaf. The blind play using a cane and clutches during such games. Some require a wheelchair to play. Therefore each rule is different from the other.

    The rules are set by the members of the association having discussed well and ensured that they are fair to all players. Anybody who fails to observe the rules or uses illegal gadgets is automatically disqualified. There are some exceptional ones that are only allowed after consultations with the other staff of this game. Those players who cannot see are allowed to get assistance from their coach on the distance and also on hitting the ball to the right direction.

    Those who cannot see have different degrees of their visual. For that case, during international games they are divided according to classes. Class one has those who cannot see maybe blurred vision, the second class has the players who can see slightly but cannot recognize what they see. The third class can see partially and slightly recognize objects.

    For amputees, they are allowed to use clutches but mostly use wheel chairs with special modifications. The carts are weight balanced for safety of these players and playing golf for the disabled is easier now. Usually they are shared among people as they are very expensive to purchase. Some clubs offer to buy the carts for the players to ease their play. Just like the others, the physically challenged persons also enjoy their sports.

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