• A Guide To Coordination Drawings, Their Purpose And Development

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    Coordination is very important for the success completion of all kinds of building projects. Coordination drawings are done to avoid physical clashes in the laying out of equipment and in the way fixtures like piping and ducts are routed. These kinds of conflict can raise the costs of production and cause delays. It is also a prerequisite for illustrations to be done where projects have complex systems and designs.

    The reproducible illustrations outline horizontal and vertical dimensions. Working with them ensures that there is no impediment in the structural framing of walls, ceilings and other frames as well as with the wiring and lighting. It also ensures that electrical, mechanical and conveying systems are positioned such that they do not interfere with each other. The drawings are done for the use of mechanical, electrical and sheet metal contractors and mechanical engineering consultants.

    In the process of coming up with the sketches, each person with a different role to play gets a chance to compare the materials that will be used to construct different sections of the building. This way, there will be no conflict once the project is off the ground. Also, there will be no interference when it comes to installation and maintenance of other systems in the future.

    The process also allows for plan discrepancies and any information that is missing or insufficient to be highlighted. It also allows contractors to complete a project within schedule. There is no time lost seeking clarification or additional information.

    Another use of the outlines is that they make accurate estimations of cost and the time it will take to complete a project possible. Having everyone working from the same clear plan also keeps conflicts and misunderstandings to a minimum. This makes a smooth flow of work possible.

    Currently, it is contractors and subcontractors who do the illustrations and this includes the physical structure and for the mechanical and engineering layout. The drawing is overseen and managed by a single coordinator if the project is not very complex. If it is, the process is supervised by a coordination team. The team is made up of a general contractor, construction manager and a design consultant.

    The process starts with one set of CAD drawings which is done using digital data from one person in the construction team or the consultant. The illustrations are usually done in 3D. Working as a team, a decision is made as to the order in which the jobs will be done.

    The coordination drawings are inspected by all the specialty contractors before they can be approved. Everyone does their part on the shared drawings. This may be done by the assigning of every specialist with a CAD drawing layer. In case there are disagreements among the specialists, the previous one is brought in to resolve the matter. If it is not, then all the specialty contractors are called in. If they cannot resolve the differences, then it is left to the general contractor or construction manager.

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