• Payer For Healing For Believers

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    You may have heard about people living by faith. Well, faith is such a powerful thing that is highly regarded among Christians. With each passing day presenting new twist to life, believers have identified the best way to stay well. They are saying a prayer for healing.

    Faith curing is not a new feature in Christianity. Christ himself healed many people through faith and even said that with faith, his followers could do more. So basically, faith healing is quickly taking center stage in cutting down on medical bills. And indeed, prayer has proven to be very effective in giving people a new lease of life.

    Whatever the case, a Christian knows that through benediction everything is possible. The possibility of everything through prayers is demonstrated by Christ Jesus himself through his life here on earth. He prayed and healed the sick. He prayed and raised the dead and he prayed to feed the hungry. There are a lot more examples to draw from the bible.

    It is generally believed that strong believers will get what they want while those with weak faith can stumble and fall several times. So, someone who does not see results with a dose of prayer could well be thought of as weak believer. But just before making such conclusion, it is important to remember that matters of good health or death are the prerogative of God. No man can compel Him.

    This is to say that while God would hear prayers, He does things according to His will and of course with good lessons for those who remain. Therefore, death of a loved one even after a long and painful prayer is never because God refused to listen nor the problem too big for Him to handle, but because that was the best that should happen!

    Secondly, these prayers can be said by intercessors on behalf of the sick. Intercessors are people who have strong faith in the power of prayers and therefore use that ability to pray for those who cannot pray for themselves or those who feel that they require communal efforts to get their prayers to God. The intercessors therefore mention the sick or the person seeking cure in their intercession.

    Whether or not shrines are the fountain of miracle cure, the fact that people who visit there pray is an indication that without faith, little can be realized. But visiting shrine besides the ceremonial part of it is not a very good idea. The reason is that God does not live in shrines; instead, He is everywhere so going to look for Him in the shrines when you can get Him right in your house can be perplexing.

    Some people have urged that making a prayer for healing to a person whose faith is not strong enough is like casting seeds among rocks. In other words, it does not work. This school of thought is that such prayers never reach God and that is why the sick person may end up dying. On the contrary, others believe that benediction is not a means to compel God to do something, as such healing or death after such prayers is the choice of God.

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