• TWiST by Herng Fuu Richard Yeh

    Community, Communication Design


    Imagine the place where you spend most of your time each day where is it? On the chair

    Imagine it as you most want it to be. What is your #1 vision for change that will make it that way?

    A good piece of chair is really hard to find. Most of the people in the urban area spent a lot more time sitting than standing. For example: in art school, most of the people sit on the stool for the whole daylong and got the backache. Changing all the chairs to more ergonomic forms that will fits and support the spine. By doing so we have to put up a law for the chair design. Before the chair product came into the market, it has to have the ergonomic certificate to be able to sell in the market.

    After your #1 thing happens, how will everyone benefit?

    Everyone will be able to concentrate more on what they are doing, instead of bothering by their backache and will not need to put themselves in to a really bad posture what will further damage the spine anymore. This will reduce everyone’s percentage of getting back pane problems and further save money by not needing to go to the doctor.

    Give some examples of what you can do (on your own / with a group) to make your vision a reality.

    What people or I can start doing is to start with what ever the organization you are in to suggest them with the idea. By changing the chair, it will further helped to bring up the quality of working environment and people will be more motivate on their work. For example: if it’s for the school, we can talked to the student senate, and suggest this to them.

    Imagine your neighborhood the way you most want it to be.

    What is your #1 vision for change that will make your neighborhood that way? To have more common area and have more green places for people to relax and interact with each other, instead of just spending time at home or the office whole day long. City people tented to have less opportunity to interact and talk to people, than people in the country.

    After your #1 thing happens, How will everyone in your neighborhood benefit? Everyone in the neighborhood will be benefit by having a common area to spent time and walk their dogs on. They will also be able to get out of the busy city, take a deep breath and recharging themselves. The good thing about this is people will be able to interact with each other.

    Give some examples of what you can do (on your own / with a group) to make your vision a reality.

    First of all go out to the world and go to the park more often, you will get the feeling of interaction. Than start planting things on the top of your roof, put up some chairs for people to sit on. Once people from the building discover it, they will start spending more time on the roof. This will further develop the community there.

    Imagine your country the way you most want it to be. What is your #1 vision for change that will make your country that way?

    I want to change my country into a high standard country. This means I wanted to bring up the quality of people’s life in this country. People will have more opportunity on seeking jobs, and have more benefits from the governments, for health care. And also lower the percentage of crime. To help the country become that way, I will need to start by building a really good education program to the country. I believe knowledge is the foundation of all things.

    After your #1 thing happens. How will everyone in your nation benefit?

    At first the neighborhood’s children will be benefit by the program. But this is the immediate benefit. If we look into the long run, the whole community will have a higher standard level of knowledge, the knowledge than will leads the country into a better place.

    Give some examples of what you can do (on your own / with a group) to make your vision a reality.

    I do not think I will be able to become a senate, but what I can do now is to go to some programs or schools to become an education volunteer to help students become more educated. This will apply for all fields.

    Imagine the world the way you most want it to be. What is your #1 vision for change that will make the world that way?

    My vision is to make the world a big country, which will have no country-to-country conflict. This will blurs out the meaning of borders. UN will lead the world like a big country, and the whole world will deal with things together as a family. First I will make taking airplanes like taking busses. Really convenient and accessible, this will brings people from different world closer together. The design of signage should be universal design.

    After your #1 thing happeneds, how will everyone – regardless of where they live, the resources they have, or what they believe –benefit?

    Anywhere people go in the world, with out an dictionary or electronic devices, they will be able to understand and know what that is and where they are going. This will be really helpful for everyone in the world.

    Give some examples of what you can do (on your own / with a group) to make your vision a reality.

    I can simply start by designing universal design into the world, once people capture and become comfortable to them, they will eventually adapt into the world. It does not only apply to signage but also product or commercial design as well.

    What is the #1 Vision for change that you want to work on?

    I want to work on helping the world become a better place for living. By doing so I will focus on the kids to develop their knowledge earlier in their age. Education is really important to people, and children are the world’s next generations owner. We have the mission to help them develop skills ready for getting into the real world.

    How do you feel about voting?

    Will you vote in the 2008 Presidential Election?

    Yes, I would like to vote.

    But at first I have to register to vote in New York City. Right now I register to vote in Massachusetts.

    Are you (please select one)

    Male Asian

    What is your cultural family?

    Taiwanese / Buddhism / Daoism / Shintoism

  • 1_green_roof_177_

    PICTURE 1 Neighborhood Green Roof + more Public Spaces

    To built the green rooftops on the building proof to reduce heat stress, provide health benefits, and reduce pollution and save money. Not only can green roof do this it can also create an area for the neighborhoods to spent time in.

    The rooftop meadow on the American Banknote Building (Hunt’s Point, South Bronx)

  • Nba_cares___children_cares_177_

    PICTURE 2 Country *Education Support *

    I believe to help and support the children around the world and further bring up their education knowledge is good for the future of the country. One of the good examples will be NBA Cares. NBA creates a program to help, support and further education the children. Not only NBA but also all the other companies and non for profit organizations are doing so as well.

  • Jal_universal_design_177_

    PICTURE 3 World Universal Design

    Simple designs that will be understand by everyone all over the world. For example: on the aircraft, when ever you lock the toilet door the light automatically comes on. It reminds the user to lock the door and “prevent an all-too-common embarrassment.”

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