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    1. What is your #1 vision for change that will make it that way? Our global distance becomes shorter as the transportation becomes more advance; the time I spend for the transportation is 1/3 of the time that I spend time stay in my home. I would like to see the transportations become a useful public area. People might join to do certain activates when they are transporting. It is different from going to schools, shopping mall and etc; it is a event and space that happen to be in your traveling time.

    2. After your #1 thing happens, how will everyone benefit? The benefit we get is to strengthen our social relationship between other people and our environment. The thing is, our transportations are so advance and quick that people tend to forgot about the experience of traveling. Their lives only exist either in school, home, office and few other locations. Though my vision, I want people to observe and realize the environments that they been though, even it is a place where cars will only stop for 1 minute. It is a very similar experience when you backpack traveling in other countries; the moment when you are on a subway in a strange country could be an unforgettable adventure in life.

    3. Give some examples of what you can do to make your vision a reality. To start, it might require a group of people start doing an event. An existing example would be “Improv Everywhere”, it is an online community that had been doing interesting event in public area such as park and subway train. They usually do events that are more extreme, funny in a short amount of the time. Frozen Grand Central is one of the best events that had done early this year. People who joined this event start to freeze at same time for 3 minutes. Some travelers notice that there are non-moving people standing at ground, some didn’t. In my mind, I would expect to do similar long-term events that people can participate while they are traveling. Such experiences increase their social networks and community group.

    4. What is your #1 vision for change that will make your neighborhood that way? I live in a very residential area at upper Queens. People here are very chill, especially in the weekend; families and young people bring their old stuff out to sell on the main street. It is nice to see how one street was been use by people as a community area. I would like to see that in the future, the public furniture will become more engaging and functional.

    5. After your #1 thing happens, how will everyone benefit? The space creates opportunity that allows people create social connection with people and environment at same time. People will take advantage from excising furniture to set up an event or activities. As this main street is close to subway, many residential people will pass by this street, therefore they can also participate part of the event while traveling.

    6. Give some examples of what you can do to make your vision a reality. The first thing I can do it creating engaging furniture that people can use at public space; such as benches. From that I can extend my concept to design tables and holding structure. At same time, I have to think about how furniture relates to the environment and how people will use furniture. Is there other public space that I can play around for a better convenience and compatibility? Though many questions and answers, I can find solutions that can integrate smoothly to my local environment and people.

    7. What is your #1 vision for change that will make your country that way? I see my vision for the country more negatively. The problem is that people (from small scale of people such as your surround people to large scale such as political figures) are very hard to be trusted. It is the matter of who deserve the benefit and who actually receive the benefit of any kind. For example, how government use the money that they collect into development; how business devote money to individual and company as whole. All of those money issues are strongly relates to one and another. My vision would be that sometimes in the future, the economic system will be transparent to public, to avoid private activities that don’t contribute to the whole country. However, such vision is way to ideal in my option.

    8. After your #1 thing happens, how will everyone benefit? If my vision happens in the reality; the government has to work on their promise to run the country. Everyone will be willing to put their money into the country as they know government can be trust. It will be harder to people to go from backdoor and earn dirty cash.

    9. Give some examples of what you can do to make your vision a reality. I cannot do much about it other than voting. Yet I don’t believe voting will make much difference as Taiwan government already have many infamous stories about our ex-president and the one before him. However, doing something is better than not doing something. Therefore, voting would be my first step to make my vision into reality.

    10. What is your #1 vision for change that will make your country that way? Even though our communication and transportation technology are so advance that people can go around the world in few days. Still, there is so much true fact that we do not know about. I was shock to learn that so many people are still considering as absolute poverty just in US today. I hope one day, the international organization can heavily devote their heart into educations to our generation and following generation. It is much important to know what child as my age from other sides of the world are doing rather than celebrity are doing.

    11. After your #1 thing happens, how will everyone benefit? It is two-way benefit. If we have accuracies of knowledge; such knowledge will help us to make right judgment and doing good for others. At same time, the more new technology and information child at other side of country can access to, it going to provide opportunities and lift then up from poverty and low-education level.

    12. OLPC (One Laptop per Child) is very good example of what designers can do for the better world. There will still be many controversies because our life is too different from those children at poor country. However, regardless the result of OLPC’s functionality, it brought new opportunities for children at other side of the world.

    13. As I am a greedy person, I would like to work on and achieve all four of my visions. Yet I will start from the smallest scale, such as my neighborhood environment. Slowly, I want to people to create a social community on their own that delicate to their needs. People will be aware of the physical environment even if they are just passing by. The experience of living and observing should be continuous and not just exist only at school, office or home.
      Yet my biggest goal in my design career is to focus on the design for people at other countries. I had read the article "Why Design Won’t Save the World" from Design Observer. It has many critical thoughts that challenge we as designer. One day, I wish I will be able to design something not just a thought, not just a realistic thought, but it is actually going to production that will help the needs of others.

    14. I will vote in 2008 Presidential Election, and I already registered.

    15. I am Asian female. I am Chinese from Taiwan. My religious background is catholic.

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