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    I was the coordinator for community art outreach at National Arts Honors Society club in my high school senior year. We did couple art projects that involved student s to participate in the event, the finish works will be shown in public space. Oddly enough that I was assigned as coordinator since I was never an outgoing girl who knows how to talk and deal with people. I joined this club only because everyone else is doing, so it will make our transcript looks good. However, the experience of been able to plan, organize and create art leaded me to design field.

    I am now a senior in product design at Parsons. Coming to design school is a turning point in my life. To me, the difference of doing art and design is the difference between living in your own world comfortably and living in an infinite world desperately. Design is not just a desire profession, but it is a process for a higher self-expectations. The excitement of planning and creating new possibility and the risk of challenging the existence are very important when I am doing design. In order to push myself forward, I choose to work hard to achieve my goal; my toughness is just like the cactus growing in desert.

    I have confidence in my ability when approach to a new challenge. My strength is to show what I am capable of doing through skill and hard working, and cover up my weakness. At same time, my strength also allows me to avoid what I don’t do well. English had been one of my biggest shortcomings that I have to overcome before I step out the real world. I always choose classes that require less English writing ability and concentrate on my design. This year, however, I am going to face my weakness in order to become a better designer and as a person.
    For this coming semester, I had been reading news and magazines to prepare my thesis topic. I usually focus on the problems, situations and then think about how design could make them better. Soon I realize that the situations and problems are constantly twisting depend on your viewing perspective. For example, when we talk about communism, an American who supports democrat’s option would be totally different from a Chinese who actually lives under communism country. Then if we are going to design something for people live under communism, how are we going to design so that the experience and expectation are closest to users’ mind? How are we going to understand users through third person perspective? Collecting data and feedback could be one solution, yet designer’s personal experience and cultural background also become a huge impact to the design.

    Therefore, I would like to focus on my thesis relates with my Chinese background. The topics that interested me heavily relate to identity and natural disasters. The political warfare between China and Tibet has become bloody; the serious earthquake happened in Chengdu this May; the identity for Chinese people as a race group and as a developing country had been distorted after Olympic game. To me, all of those topics are serious issues and it is important to understand and be involved as a Chinese. No matter what I choose for the final topic of my thesis, my experience and passion will lead my thesis into a potential and valuable project.

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