• Abney Associates Prepare To Initiate Primary Stage of IPO Deal

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    May 25, 2013 - Abney Associates are showing all the positive signs that they are at stage one of funding a deal with an unlisted company to launch a disruptive technology.

    Abney Associates, the Asian-based private equity financing company recently joined forces with a developing technological firm initially with the aim of just having an interest in assisting with the financial management structure of the particular group of companies in order to return a quick profit for their investment clients. Since that time however the company in question has gone on to show remarkable longer term prospects of considerably developing into a world leader in its niche market.

    Abney Associates ensure our clients achieve short-term maximum-return profits by buying equity in companies that we recommend or suggest, will show a rapid-pace development and consequently a sharp growth in value over a reasonably short period of time. Subsequently our investment clients optimize and increase their wealth quite considerably when they follow our research teams’ advice and invest capital during these early seed growth stages. We single out companies that are in the process of developing an interesting and lucrative form of business model,” said a source at Abney Associates.

    Abney Associates currently maintain under its portfolio several varieties of this kind of high return, high risk investment funding. By including this type of ‘venture capital’ approach, Abney Associates in conjunction with our clients allow ourselves a budget that has the collateral to invest on a relatively large scale throughout all the developing stages of a company of this nature through its’ path to fruition.

    Abney Associates takes an approach combining the right advice strategically speaking backed with coffers of available flexible funding that we can access and utilize from our various sources. Furthermore at the gradual stages when investment capital is most needed, we provide offers of investment capital, should they meet our criteria, to these types of companies for a high return after their transition through these early growth stages.” continued the source from Abney Associates.

    A disruptive technology adopts a different method of production and is classed as a technological advancement on a product or service that changes or ‘disrupts’ our preconceived and ‘normal’ approach to the ways in which we do something.

    Abney Associates seeks out groups, organizations and relative companies who by adopting new concepts show development in services and/or products they manufacture. The purpose being to make big profits initially when they reach an Initial Public Offering and subsequently when they sell their services or products to the world; getting involved at the early stages shows high returns for clients of Abney Associates.

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